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Natural Lips

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Time to make those lips look 20 years younger! Just kidding, but, I promise they will feel so smooth you won’t need to buy lip balm and worry about losing it 10 seconds later.
When I go out to events I always get asked which Dr. I go to get my lips done. At the beginning, I would get very upset and annoyed (like helloooooo……. these are natural), but throughout the years I have learned to let it slide. Today, I want to show you how I get my lips to look smooth and fabulous. To the ladies that are obsessed with lip plumping, I also have a natural recipe that requires no visit to the doctor’s office.

For smooth looking lips:
(depending on the size of container you will estimate the amount of ingredients used)

1/2 teaspoon of coffee grounds
1 teaspoon of natural honey
Get a small container that will fit in your purse or pocket. Add the ingredients to the container and with a plastic knife you will mix. Make sure there is more natural honey than sugar.
For Lip Plumping:
​(you can always estimate amount of ingredients depending on the container)
1/2 teaspoon of sugar
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of natural honey
Get a container of your choice (we recommend a small manageable one). Add the ingredients to the container and with a plastic knife you will mix. Always make sure there is more natural honey than sugar and cinnamon.
​If you add these two natural recipes to your beauty routine, you will definitely save money on lip balms and lip plumping products. Follow us on social media for more @fashionggw

Denim & Color Pop

Photography: @crooked_kitty
Vintage denim jacket a.k.a denim jacket from mom’s closet.
Shoes from Schutz.
​Shorts from Cotton On.
I will forever be obsessed with oversized denim jackets and block heels. You can style oversized pieces with almost anything and make it an effortless, yet edgy look. I think my favorite part of denim is the fact that you can have fun with it by adding color, accessorizing it, or even distressing it to look cooler.
What is your favorite denim piece?

City Looks


Today, I wanted to express my love for wristlet purses. I bought the Logan Convertible Wristlet from Botkier New York and it literally is the perfect accessory to carry during the day and evening. The challenges in changing handbags twice a day is frustrating and Botkier has found a solution to our problems. The Logan Convertible Wristlet can be worn during the day as a crossbody bag and during the evening you can wrap the strap around your wrist or simply take it off and have a perfectly chic clutch. Click here to check out their cool brand!

An Evening With Sue Wong

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“I am a creator of beauty, a fearless warrior, and what I strive for in life ultimately is wisdom as a compass to live by.” -Sue Wong
Sue Wong is unquestionably an influential, fierce, and intelligent person, who for decades till now has been dominating the fashion industry. Her indomitable leadership has been establishing a legacy of beauty, magic, and transformation.
Fashion Girl Gone Wild attended an exclusive evening with iconic designer Sue Wong hosted by Fashion Group International Los Angeles. During the event, Sue Wong provided an insight into her successful career, her journey, and her brand.
Walking into Sue Wong’s atelier in Los Angeles, CA was a magical experience!

The beginning was a red carpet filled with celebrities, influential entertainment talents, musicians, models, and loyal Sue Wong supporters. Photographers standing in line to capture the glamour and presence of legendary Sue Wong and her models, presenting pieces of her collections. Sue Wong looking dazzling in one of her statement iconic outfits and all the models in pastel hues; white, light pink, and lilac.

A very warm welcome provided by Sue Wong came next. Every VIP guest and magazine editors sat front row in a room set up as a runway. When the remaining of the guests found their seats, Sue Wong began her speech. This speech was very welcoming but not the typical fashion designer speech because Sue Wong actually transported us in a style time machine and revealed pieces of her journey as a designer and the vision she has for her brand. This speech contained a powerful message of reinvention and perseverance.

         “I offer the following advice with budding designers and all dreamers out there: 
                                     Have a vision!
                                           Hold that vision!
                                                  Be true to that vision! 
                                                       BECOME that vision!” -Sue Wong

Subsequently, Sue Wong transitioned her speech to a notable fashion presentation were she showcased pieces of her most iconic designs. Each one-of-a-kind piece was made up of luxurious fabric and exquisite mind-blowing texture and details. The draping of fabric around several gowns was carefully applied to create the desired shape that will look good on anyone who wears it. As each glamorous design walked the runway set-up, the most appropriate and captivating music played in the background.

“My clothing is transformative and healing.  It encourages the woman who wears a SUE WONG to evolve into the very best that she can be.  When a woman wears a SUE WONG gown, she experiences the living mantra that I embed in all my gowns:  BEAUTY.  MAGIC. TRANSFORMATION.” -Sue Wong

Ultimately, as Fashion Girl Gone Wild walked out of the atelier, she saw it was obvious that the magnitude of Sue Wong’s speech was capable of being the essence of success to a stylish soul looking to grow in the fashion industry. Thank you, Sue Wong, for inspiring fashionable souls like ours to be unstoppable like you.

Yvanna Var -Xx

10th Season Anniversary Of Vivienne Westwood’s Partnership With The Ethical Fashion Initiative

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The Vivienne Westwood Africa bag collection is made by artisans in Kenya. Over the past five years, Vivienne Westwood’s involvement has supported thousands of micro-producers from marginalized communities in these regions, developing their artisan skills and improving their financial prospects. This has promoted the growth of sustainable business instead of aid dependency.
The Ethical Fashion Initiative program are very proud that over the past 10 seasons, the Africa bags have been featured on the Vivienne Westwood runway, advertising campaigns and have been retailed in stores worldwide. Since 2010, the collections have evolved, introducing new styles and in turn skill development of the artisans. The Africa bags resonate with Vivienne Westwood’s activist stance within the fashion industry, while the design and materials used raise questions on critical issues such as climate change and waste.

Fun facts:

  • More than 950 children were enabled to go to school as a result of Vivienne Westwood orders.
  • So far 1558 artisans have worked on these orders, from 21 different communities. 76% of which are women.

Light and à la mode

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Pastel Palettes are a reminder of elegance. You instantly look poised and à la mode by wearing pastel colors. What’s important to know is that light pink, blue, and green are the go-to colors of chic. You can literally wear a pair of light green jeans with a pink t-shirt and pair that look with a printed coat and still look sophisticated. My personal pastel color clothing preference is a simple yet fun gown.

What’s your favorite pastel color and how do you like wearing them? Let us know in the comment section below! If you have a pastel ootd you want to share, tag us on social media!

Gowns by Sarafia Couture

The Rain Effect on Fashion

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Too often we overthink our outfit choices on a rainy day. Dressing up on a daily basis is a struggle and adding inclement weather doesn’t help at all. As a matter of fact, most people would rather stay home and not get into the hassle of looking for the perfect rainy day look.

Today, I want to tell you that living in San Diego has taught me to relax on the rain stress and not overthink my outfit choices. We have had rainy days galore and I want to share my styling tips with you.

First, we need to get rid of the negative mood towards the rain. We have to accept the fact that the rain isn’t going anywhere. Secondly, we must admit that the rain makes things a little bit edgier yet sometimes fun. For example, taking a picture of your outfit outside on a rainy day will highlight that rocker chic side you hardly ever show.

In addition, I suggest you go out and purchase at least two different pairs of rain boots. I currently bought a short animal print rain bootie from Steve Madden and a longer rain boot from Nordstrom. When I feel like going casual for school or to run errands I go with rain boots and a pair of leggings or animal print pants. I also like to wear sweatshirts or long sleeve shirts with hoodies on them. However, if I plan on going out or have a business meeting I will go with wearing black jeans, patent leather boots, a black shirt, and a oversized furry coat.

Rainy days are fun and make fashion cool if you know how to style properly. My number one styling tip for rainy days is to layer up! Layering looks cool, plus you can always take of a piece of clothing when you feel warm.

I’m always curious about your style! Tag me on social media so I can check out your stylish looks and like them. @fashionggw

#MOSF Book Launch event in Hollywood

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April 22, 2017 was a night of fabulousness because the #MOSF launch party took place at the Cinematic Pictures Gallery in Hollywood, California. Many talented artists came to show their support for Denny Ilic’s new photography book. Among the many talented individuals we encountered with Rachele Royale, Romulo Canizales, Tatiana Bilan, Nina Jordon, and Madeline North who were all excited for the book. The event began with guests walking the red carpet and showcasing their sense of style and moved towards the party. The venue is divded into three rooms which all included masterpiece photography art on the walls taken by Denny Ilic. The first section includes a divine view of the famous Hollywood walk of fame and a mini bar. The second section included a book signing station were you could purchase the book and get it signed by Denny Ilic. The third section of the venue included a second bar and a stage with a live music performance. 

Men Of Science Fiction by Denny Ilic is now available for purchase and it makes the perfect coffee table book of the season!! #MOSF #Cinematicpix

Amaré Magazine One Year Anniversary Party

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On June 24, 2017, Amaré Magazine came together with Whispers from Children’s Heart Foundation to celebrate the magazine’s one-year anniversary in Los Angeles. All proceeds from the event went to Whispers from Children’s Heart Foundation founded by Lisa Haisha. Among the many guests who attended were the Ivan Bitton Style House team, TV Personality Gretchen Rossi, Keeping Up With The Kardashians Malika Haqq, and Recording Artist Rachel West.

Entering the fashionable event you were welcomed by delightful staff and escorted to the red carpet, where guests took pictures and showed off their attires. Walking into the soirée you see mini pop-up shops of brilliant companies showcasing their products and networking along the way, as well as the tune of amazing singer C-Tru and a fantastic DJ. During the event, founder of Whispers from Children’s Heart Foundation Lisa Haisha and husband Lee Aronsohn gave a brief speech about how the foundation got started and gave thanks for everyone’s support, as well as congratulated Amaré Magazine for their one year anniversary!

As you may already know, FashionGGW is always on the hunt to highlight the most fashionable person. We awarded the best-dressed badge to Recording Artist Rachel West a.k.a. Lady Ether. Her look was edgy, modern, and fashion-forward just a very fun outfit for a summer magazine soirée. We always highlight fashion, beauty, and entertainment, but never do we write about the hottest couple of the evening. However, during the event, we found a need to give out the cutest and hottest couple of the event badge and it had to be for TV Personality Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley, who both looked dashing!!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and wish you a wonderful week!
Yvanna. xX