Can you count how many hair-ties you have lost in your lifetime? Yeah, we can’t either! Of course, it is frustrating to realize your hair-tie is no longer in your bag or on your wrist. Don’t worry we relate to that annoying feeling.

That is why we have decided to write this article on VERE. Once you get familiar with the brand you will fall in love. VERE designs durable and stylish hair-ties that can be decreased in size by simply placing in hot water or blowing hot air from the hairdryer. Their products are biodegradable TPU and come in multiple colors.

The great thing about their bands is that they withstand up to 30 lbs of hair weight and have a strong grip that won’t push your hair down with movement.



The FashionGGW Workout

What’s the new FashionGGW workout? Kickboxing!
Can we get a preview of your diet? Yes!

Why is kickboxing cool?
Kickboxing has seriously become my ultimate fitness obsession. A few years ago I was into CrossFit but found myself getting multiple injuries. The cool thing about kickboxing is that you have to use your coordination skills and find your balance. I’m currently kickboxing in style at Round 9 gym, they have a pretty great program!

What I eat:
​Morning: Eggs + Spinach + Ham
Snack: Cheese String
Lunch: Tuna Salad + Ice Tea
Snack: Almonds + a piece of fruit
Dinner: Salad + Ice Tea

How often do you go to the gym?
5 times a day. Sometimes 4, it all depends on my schedule.

Any other form of exercise that you do?
I sometimes go out for a run around the lake or walk my dogs.

Any recommendations for beginners?
Try it out for a day! The first few days you will be like NOOOOOO, but then afterward your body isn’t in pain. My other recommendation is to drink a lot of water!! I honestly have a commitment issue with drinking water because I would rather have an Ice Tea, but it’s a work in progress.

Giraffe Center with Alejandra Moraco

Living in Kenya has been a life-changing experience. I LOVE exploring and making memories, so I have decided to start sharing my life in Kenya with all of you.​Welcome to Giraffe Center in Nairobi, Kenya! 

This place is beyond words can describe. It is the only spot in the world where you can closely interact with giraffe’s and learn details about the endangered animal. The Africa Fund For Endangered Wildlife educates everyone that stops in Giraffe Center about the importance of conserving the environment and life in the wildlife. 

If you ever find yourself in Nairobi, it is a must visit location. You will appreciate wildlife and the environment more when exploring the Giraffe Center. 

Thank you for such an eye-opening and lovely experience!! #GiraffeCenter

Alejandra. xx

The Accessory Lookbook

What happened to wear simple statement jewelry? Over the years we have seen an increase in statement jewelry pieces (which means a decline in simplicity). It seems that everyone wants to wear oversized pieces like thick necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Have we forgotten that a plain crystal necklace can make a statement (especially if you wear it with a t-shirt)! Also, can we stop on technology x fashion for just a bit? Let’s go back to wearing our favorite brand watches (let’s remember the Casio Baby-G, Casio Calculator Watch, etc..).


(Hat – Cotton On) (Lace Top – Nordstrom) (Watch – Michele K) (Necklace & Bracelet were a gift)

What was your favorite watch brand growing up?

Skin Secret: The Best Skin Tint For Dry Skin

After a year of testing out makeup brands I luckily found Rodial. Their high-performance products are fantastic for all types of skin. If you have dry skin we highly recommend their Rose Gold Moisturizer. For a plumping effect, their Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel does wonders (you can even see the difference when taking a selfie).

One of the top products we recommend is the Rodial Skin Tint. It contains SPF 20! The reason it is such an amazing product is that the coverage it provides is great. You can literally apply the skin tint and mascara to get that natural makeup look. Their medium coverage works great when you apply it under your foundation/powder.

TIP: When applying the skin tint we recommend using a brush and stroking it upwards on the skin. It gives a better effect when applying the rest of your makeup.

Just Casual Now

Living in San Diego, CA has definitely influenced my style to be a bit more relaxed. I really love the minimalist style, but I still adore my elaborate looks. Something you should all know is that I loathe trends (I just don’t and can’t do them). Why buy bike shorts and a blazer just to look like someone on Instagram? #boring

My recommendation for not falling into trends as much as everyone markets them is to follow your personal story. What do you want people to remember you for? For instance, if you are an adventurous person go for a style that you can incorporate to your daily life but still look like you are out looking for adventure.

Today my look is casual because the weather is gloomy and I will be working from home. What I like to wear on calm days like these are a pair of leggings with a cute jacket (usually denim), However, today I picked a camouflage jacket and a pair of pale pink sneakers. To make this look a bit edgier I wore a blk graphic tee and a gold necklace.


Street Style Report

Style your outerwear with a chic scarf and hat! The color of the moment is gray, blue, black, and beige. The perfect color combination is blue & black. When it comes to outerwear we recommend investing in a gray coat with a matching hat.

Beauty Edition

Minimal makeup means achieving a simple, clean, and glossy look. The appearance of little to no makeup should be the goal. There are quite a few tips we will share on how to perfect the minimalistic look.

Without a doubt, the best brand to use for achieving such a natural look is Rodial makeup & skincare. The brand is based in the UK and founded by Maria Hatzistefanis. The skincare products will enhance the appearance of the skin as well as fortify it. Their makeup collection gives a luxurious coverage with an almost airbrushed look.

Our Top 3 Skincare Products.

  • Dragon’s Blood Velvet Cream
  • Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel
  • Rose Gold Moisturiser

Our Top 3 Makeup Products:

  • Skin Tint + SPF 20
  • Diamond Concealer
  • Microblade Effect Eyebrow Pencil

Without the perfect skincare product, there would be no perfect minimalist look. Rodial offers the best moisturizers that can be used as a primer. The Dragon’s Blood Velvet Cream can be used before applying makeup. This product alongside the Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel will give you a moisturized look without the need to apply mists after your makeup. We HIGHLY recommend the Rose Gold Moisturiser as an everyday cream! The richness of this cream will leave your skin renewed and FABULOUS.

The point of a minimalist look is not to overload on makeup but rather define the eyebrows and the lip. We recommend the Microblade Effect Eyebrow Pencil from Rodial because it outlines the eyebrows well. Our tip for delineating the lip is to use a color that will compliment your complexion.

The Skin Tint + SPF 20 makes it easy to create a dewy look. You can use the product under your foundation or as a simple coverage. The Diamond Concealer is a must-have!! It truly hides any blemish and gives a radiant finish to your look.