The Rain Effect on Fashion

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Too often we overthink our outfit choices on a rainy day. Dressing up on a daily basis is a struggle and adding inclement weather doesn’t help at all. As a matter of fact, most people would rather stay home and not get into the hassle of looking for the perfect rainy day look.

Today, I want to tell you that living in San Diego has taught me to relax on the rain stress and not overthink my outfit choices. We have had rainy days galore and I want to share my styling tips with you.

First, we need to get rid of the negative mood towards the rain. We have to accept the fact that the rain isn’t going anywhere. Secondly, we must admit that the rain makes things a little bit edgier yet sometimes fun. For example, taking a picture of your outfit outside on a rainy day will highlight that rocker chic side you hardly ever show.

In addition, I suggest you go out and purchase at least two different pairs of rain boots. I currently bought a short animal print rain bootie from Steve Madden and a longer rain boot from Nordstrom. When I feel like going casual for school or to run errands I go with rain boots and a pair of leggings or animal print pants. I also like to wear sweatshirts or long sleeve shirts with hoodies on them. However, if I plan on going out or have a business meeting I will go with wearing black jeans, patent leather boots, a black shirt, and a oversized furry coat.

Rainy days are fun and make fashion cool if you know how to style properly. My number one styling tip for rainy days is to layer up! Layering looks cool, plus you can always take of a piece of clothing when you feel warm.

I’m always curious about your style! Tag me on social media so I can check out your stylish looks and like them. @fashionggw