An Evening With Sue Wong

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“I am a creator of beauty, a fearless warrior, and what I strive for in life ultimately is wisdom as a compass to live by.” -Sue Wong
Sue Wong is unquestionably an influential, fierce, and intelligent person, who for decades till now has been dominating the fashion industry. Her indomitable leadership has been establishing a legacy of beauty, magic, and transformation.
Fashion Girl Gone Wild attended an exclusive evening with iconic designer Sue Wong hosted by Fashion Group International Los Angeles. During the event, Sue Wong provided an insight into her successful career, her journey, and her brand.
Walking into Sue Wong’s atelier in Los Angeles, CA was a magical experience!

The beginning was a red carpet filled with celebrities, influential entertainment talents, musicians, models, and loyal Sue Wong supporters. Photographers standing in line to capture the glamour and presence of legendary Sue Wong and her models, presenting pieces of her collections. Sue Wong looking dazzling in one of her statement iconic outfits and all the models in pastel hues; white, light pink, and lilac.

A very warm welcome provided by Sue Wong came next. Every VIP guest and magazine editors sat front row in a room set up as a runway. When the remaining of the guests found their seats, Sue Wong began her speech. This speech was very welcoming but not the typical fashion designer speech because Sue Wong actually transported us in a style time machine and revealed pieces of her journey as a designer and the vision she has for her brand. This speech contained a powerful message of reinvention and perseverance.

         “I offer the following advice with budding designers and all dreamers out there: 
                                     Have a vision!
                                           Hold that vision!
                                                  Be true to that vision! 
                                                       BECOME that vision!” -Sue Wong

Subsequently, Sue Wong transitioned her speech to a notable fashion presentation were she showcased pieces of her most iconic designs. Each one-of-a-kind piece was made up of luxurious fabric and exquisite mind-blowing texture and details. The draping of fabric around several gowns was carefully applied to create the desired shape that will look good on anyone who wears it. As each glamorous design walked the runway set-up, the most appropriate and captivating music played in the background.

“My clothing is transformative and healing.  It encourages the woman who wears a SUE WONG to evolve into the very best that she can be.  When a woman wears a SUE WONG gown, she experiences the living mantra that I embed in all my gowns:  BEAUTY.  MAGIC. TRANSFORMATION.” -Sue Wong

Ultimately, as Fashion Girl Gone Wild walked out of the atelier, she saw it was obvious that the magnitude of Sue Wong’s speech was capable of being the essence of success to a stylish soul looking to grow in the fashion industry. Thank you, Sue Wong, for inspiring fashionable souls like ours to be unstoppable like you.

Yvanna Var -Xx